This is an unrecognized state (Transnistria), very different from the description that, most likely, you read in the media before coming here.

This is not the last fragment of the former USSR. This is an ordinary capitalist state, no different from many others.

Transnistria became an independent state earlier than Moldova. This was legally fixed in compliance with all international laws.  But, most of the industry, the former Soviet Republic of Moldova, remained here. And many people have not been able to come to terms with this for 30 years.

This is not propaganda, but simply facts fixed by the relevant documents.

You will not see any military patrols or evil corrupt policemen on the streets here.

You don’t have to worry about your safety.

Street crime here is at a very low level, several times lower than in neighboring countries Moldova, Ukraine.

They don’t steal cars here at all.

All state institutions work well here. The economy of Transnistria mainly works for export. Export – sale of metallurgical products, cement, electric motors, electricity (3 large power plants supply electricity to the whole of Moldova, Odessa region of Ukraine, sell even Romania). Fabric production (the largest textile mill in Eastern Europe). Excellent wines and cognacs (the Quint plant is known all over the world). A lot of agricultural products are exported. Clothing and millions of pairs of shoes (mostly via Italy)

Trade with Russia accounts for only 8% of the total trade turnover of Transnistria, the main one is Europe, if you are interested.

Tourism, unfortunately, is poorly developed, but things are moving forward.

It’s not scary here, but for now, it’s rather boring.

Russia does not recognize Transnistria, because such a state of non-recognition suits everyone. And Russia, and the European Union, neighboring Ukraine and Moldova. And even the USA and the UK are happy with this, although they are of course always looking for ways to annoy the Russians.


Гостиница СЕМЬ УГЛОВ Тирасполь (кнопка)

Кнопка гостиница ФИНИШ Тирасполь


Attention! Cards of international payment systems are not valid on the territory of Pridnestrovie! (except for the Russian payment card “MIR”, it is valid)

When going on a trip to Pridnestrovie (Transnistria), take a sufficient amount of cash with you. It can be US dollars, Euros, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Moldovan leu, Russian Ruble (the most profitable exchange for the local PMR ruble from the US dollar)